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2008-11-04 14:19:41 by pazz971

SawasdeeKrab >/|\< ! I'm Pai , My codename is PassChan. Nice to meet you ! ^w^" heh If I do something wrong , I'm be apologized. TTwTT

I'm Thailand people. I'm love enjoy on NG. and saw everyone did Movie and Game Alot. that make me feels inspiration for Create Animation ! >w< ~

Nice to meet you again 0w0 !


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2008-12-01 10:07:22

Nice flash

pazz971 responds:

thanks X3333


2008-12-01 17:16:21

You know, if you wanted I could make your author comments your about me section and your intro more 'English Friendly.' I see that you want to become a little better at English and this might help. Anyway, PM me if you want me to work on it.


2008-12-02 09:55:07

Waddee kub. Mai nuk wa ja jur kon thai tee nee eek kon.


2009-10-17 17:33:45

You know just because you are from Thailand/Asia doesn't mean you have to act like one. I'm talking about the emoticons. No hard feelings, just speculation.


2009-10-21 23:34:39

I loved your flash, I really hope you continue to make great works like you did. If you keep on improving though practice, you could become one of the best here in NG. Anyway, keep on bringing great flash (maybe games too, RPG? lol).


2009-10-22 17:23:26

For someone in Thailand you sure have animation potential.


2009-10-27 17:08:23

Nice to meet you too! I hope you have a chance to work on your great animation skills. I love how your animation looks like a game.